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Christian Care Retirement Community Scholarship — Provides scholarships to individuals entering into one of the following fields of study: medical, food preparation, recreational therapy (occupational or physical) or social services.

Claude and Helen Decker Scholarship — Graduating senior from each of the three public high schools receives this scholarship. Can be used for vocational or publicly supported Indiana postsecondary institution.

Jill Dreyer Memorial Nursing Scholarship for Graduating Seniors — Provides scholarships to seniors who reside in Wells County or are employed at a healthcare facility within Wells County and have been accepted to a 2 or 4 year nursing program.

K. Robert Ehrman Vocational Education Scholarship — Provides grants to graduating seniors from each of the high schools in Adams and Wells counties for individuals pursuing post-secondary vocational training.

August and Eleanor Streater Mathematics and Science Scholarship — Awards scholarships for graduating high school seniors entering fields of Science or Mathematics.

Wells County Pilot Association, Inc. Scholarship — Provides scholarships to graduating seniors planning to enter an accredited postsecondary aviation-related field of study.