If college or trade/technical school is in your future here are a few tips as you plan:

Even if you still have a couple of years of high school, it's never too early to start planning.

Get involved in community service, extra-curricular activities, and activities outside of school like a part time job; things that show you can handle more than homework. Don't go overboard, just pick two or three things that you are really interested in. Colleges are interested in someone who is unique and who will contribute to their school. Whatever you choose stick with it and fulfill your commitment. Keep track of the time you spend doing each activity, this will be very helpful when it comes time to fill out those applications! 

Keep your grades up and work with your guidence counselor and parents as you begin to research prospective schools.

When it gets close to time to apply for scholarships and financial aid:

  • Keep a calendar of deadlines
  • Make a checklist of scholarship requirements
  • Develop a list of accomplishments, community service, etc.
  • Gather commonly requested items, tax returns, letters of recommendation, transcripts, essay samples

Study the requirements of the application. Applications that are incomplete, have errors, or are late will not be considered.

Ask for letters of recommendation at least three weeks prior to the deadline to allow the writer time to prepare and send the letters.

Be neat and use correct spelling and grammar, have someone review your application.

Here are some websites that may be helpful: